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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Duty of Margiis: Preserve Guru’s untainted words


Duty of Margiis: Preserve Guru’s untainted words


As Ananda Margiis, we have a great and dharmic duty in life to serve Gurudeva Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji by preserving and safeguarding His original words. The teachings of the first and second Mahasambhuti have unfortunately been long lost. In the name of those holy preachings, only dogma remains. We should not allow the divine words of the third Mahasambhuti to go to waste in that same manner. In order to protect Baba's words, the AM Pure books have been made. 

The AM Pure books stand as an important, archival piece as they are an exact transcription of Sadguru Baba discourses, perfectly transcribed in the very language in which He spoke. Thus, the AM Pure books are a veritable historical-cum-ideological record for future generations, as well as a way for present-day bhaktas to delve deeper into Guru’s teachings.

How teachings saved during Emergency

One of the most effective ways to preserve any book or scripture is to disseminate it widely amongst those who will truly treasure and value it. In terms of Ananda Marga scripture, the best tactic then is to spread those books to Ananda Margiis the world over. That is how that scripture will endure over time. Verily, within our very own AMPS organisation, there is great precedent for this. During Emergency, when the nefarious Indira Gandhi regime unleashed its venom in an attempt to wipe out our Ananda Marga, the ideological and devotional jewels of Ananda Marga were safeguarded by brave bhaktas scattered across Delhi sector and beyond. Those dedicated and courageous sadhakas cherished and held onto those cassettes, books, pamphlets, and publications with their very lives. And by this way, Guru’s treasures were saved and preserved. They remained intact. 

Pure books = original transcription

Today, that same opportunity knocks on our door. Here again we may stand up and meet the challenge to preserve Guru’s teachings in the form of AM Pure Books. These books are wholly unique. They are not translations but actual transcriptions of Sadguru Baba’s original discourses. Thus each publication may contain Hindi, English, Bengali, and numerous other languages like Maithili, Magahi, Bhojpuri, Chhattisgarhi etc -- whatever Baba spoke on that occasion. They are a perfect record of what Baba actually said.

Naturally, some may tend towards acquiring those books which they themselves can read. Bangla-speakers might collect books with more Bangla discourses. Hindi-speakers will buy the books with more Hindi discourses. And those more familiar with English will aim to collect those books with more English discourses. However, such a limited approach loses sight of the greater mission. 

Safeguard Pure books of all languages

Here we should not aim to merely collect these volumes for ourselves, but verily for the preservation of Sadguru Baba’s entire body of teachings. That means regardless of our own language background or linguistic limitations, we should carry the flag and take on the responsibility to safeguard all of the original transcriptions of Baba’s holy discourses, regardless of the language. So whether we are only able to read Hindi, or Bengali, or English, or Magahi, or Angika, or Bhojpurii etc, we should see the bigger picture and safeguard them all in our own private collections. By that way, the complete set of Sadguru Baba’s holy discourses will remain intact and can be handed down to the forthcoming generations of sadhakas. The history of this earth has borne witness to the distortion, destruction, and desecration of countless scriptures, including the divine teachings of Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna. So many invaluable tenets have been lost. We should not allow Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji’s dharmic preachings and teachings to meet a similar fate.

Old library: not actually Baba’s words

Some margiis may be thinking that, “What is the need to have another collection of books. I already have Baba's teachings in book form that was printed by the various Publications groups.” Here is the reply to those thinking in this way.

Sadly, up till now, most of the books published in Sadguru Baba’s name are not Baba’s original words, but the phrasing and terminology of the publishers. That means whatever is printed in the books is not what Baba actually spoke. Only AM Pure books are Baba’s original words. The moment you pick up and read one of the AM Pure books, you will immediately realize you have never read a text like this, i.e. one that is an exact transcription of Baba’s original discourse.

Keep complete set of Pure books

So all sadhakas should embrace the opportunity and seize the moment to keep a complete set of AM Pure books. Indeed, if we do not purchase and preserve the accurate printed version of Baba’s original discourses then who will. Every ardent Ananda Margii should be keen to have a full set of AM Pure books. That means irrespective of one’s language background, every sadhaka should keep a copy of every AM Pure book. That is the best way to ensure the preservation of Sadguru Baba’s original words. And, in due course, accurate translations will be made so all have easy access to those teachings. In contrast, if the original transcriptions of Baba’s divine discourses are not properly disseminated or maintained, that will be a veritable sin and a black stain on us all.


The Pure books project operates on a “no-profit, no-loss” basis. So this is not some type of mundane sales pitch but a direct appeal to your inherent duty as a bhakta of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji to acquire and safeguard a copy of every AM Pure book - irrespective of language - to ensure the lasting presence and pointed impact of Baba’s eternal teachings on this earth and beyond. There is no guarantee if and when these Pure books will go to press in the future. Thus the current printed volumes should be protected and preserved with our very lives. This debt we owe to Sadguru Baba and the future humanity. 

In Him, 

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The below section is an entirely different topic, unrelated to the above material.
It stands on its own merit as a point of interest and ideological awareness.

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== Section 2: Important Teaching ==

What to pursue in life

Ananda Marga philosophy says, "Numerous rich and beautiful cities of the historic past are now buried under the earth. Many splendid palaces and mansions, many churches, temples, mosques and synagogues, and many pyramids have been reduced to rubble. With the constant change in the flow of time, how many major changes have occurred in the universe? Similarly, with the change in time and space, people also change. A small two year old child becomes a smart and active twenty-five year old youth. And the same energetic youth becomes an infirm, inactive old person in due course. Thus, nothing in this universe is permanent. Many gigantic animals of the past have become totally extinct from the surface of the earth. Royal pomp and opulence, the pride of power, the vast knowledge of mighty scholars have become things of the past, thrown into the dustbin of history. Many objects emerged in the past, remained on earth for a short time, and then disappeared according to the inexorable law of nature."
"The only eternal truth is Parama Purus'a. He is Ana'di, beginningless, endless, all-pervasive; an entity beyond the scope of time, place and person. He is the only eternal, undecaying, imperishable, immutable entity. He is the Supreme Source from which the inanimate, plant and animal worlds have emerged. He is the starting point and the culminating point of everything. Hence, wise people should utilise their physical, psychic and spiritual power to realise that supreme omnitelepathic entity, to become one with Him." (1)

Note: Please read Baba's above teaching again carefully. It explains everything.

1. Prout in a Nutshell - 18, Prápta Vákya and Ápta Vákya

== Section 3: Links ==